Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm taking order Steam Buttercream Cake for your special wedding and engagement.. (^_^)

Hye semua!! 
remember or not of my wishlist for this semester break? 
one of it , saya nak pergi masuk kelas buat cake... Am i right? 
yeah....finally, its come true.
last tuesday,I already have been attach to 
the class tier cake with stem buttercream at subang jaya.
conducted by LeaOven
Its so beautiful to make and decorated it... 
The sifu that teached me are so kind and I'm really have fun in her class..
The cake was teached by her @ kek daahlia with me 100% hands-on..

so, anyone who want to ordering the cake with steam buttercream 
and flower with pastel colour decorations... 
PM me on the facebook or drop by call or sms ok? 

~Now, drooling your eyes with this beautiful and temptations cake~

how was it?? 

dream to have this type of cake on your engagement or wedding or special occasional?

Pm me or do contact me now~~


"price will be worth it with the yummylicious taste and  nice decorations"

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